Planets: The Sun

January 2, 3560

Well, the rest of the group told me today that they decided to change the arrangements for the log.  Instead of making me write it the whole time (or so they say), we'll switch off each time we land at a planet.  It works out just about right, they say.  Maybe one or two of us will have to do double, but that's okay.  So they already dislike my writing so much, do they?  Well, they can see for themselves when it's their turn.

Anyways, I promised to talk about each person on board, didn't I?  Hm, that'll be kind of weird...  I mean, since they're obviously reading.  But I don't know who else might be, maybe someone who has no idea about any of this at all, so I'd better explain all that I can.

That's the problem with this log, you see.  Its function is too ill-defined.  We all know what we're doing on board here, training, researching, ready to be one of the first diplomatic envoys in ages to most of the planets we're visiting.  Any other pieces of writing we do are pretty straight-forward.  Ship communiqués for letting the people back home know how we're doing, data readings from various instruments, back-up hand-calculations of position and whatnot.  What the heck is this log for?  No one knows.  I wonder whose brilliant idea it was in the first place.

Okay, enough ranting about the log, I suppose.  We'll give this personality profile thing a try.  I'm leaving my own description to someone else, mind.  Everyone seems to distrust me enough with the log as it is, no need for me to go about misrepresenting myself.  Misrepresenting others is quite enough.

Let's start with Pierre, since I know him best.  He's really sweet.  He tends to be a bit of a dreamer and an abstract-thinker, but there's some part of him that is technically brilliant as well.  What he can do is take something boring and scientific and turn it into art.  Some of us are more focused on what will work, but Pierre wants to make it elegant and efficient and all that.

I think for most people he fades into the background because he's so gentle and unassuming.  He won't impose himself or his ideas on anyone, just make quiet suggestions from the back.  We know better than to ignore him, though.  His artist's mind makes those big leaps that I described as "elegant" but which are also sometimes the only way to do something.  He's a concept person.  He'll take to something fiendishly complex as easy as that, but maybe get stuck on things a bit more mundane and reptitive.

Yes, I do like him very much.  Not that I hate anyone on board, but you might be rolling your eyes at me (from wherever you are) for being so positive about Pierre.  He's just that kind of person, really.  You don't notice him most of the time, and when you do, it's only in good ways.  I guess you could liken him to a sudden insight that comes like a breath of fresh air.  Nothing so harsh as a spark.  There are others on board like that.  Maybe a soft glow that gradually gets brighter.  A rosy sunrise.  Yeah, that's it.

Ugh, look how long it took me to describe just one person.  Now I've set the precedent and everyone else's will have to be just as detailed or I'll be accused of playing favorites.  Well, let me try to fit in another person today in the time I have left.  With the new arrangements, I'll only be writing this log for five more days, so I'll barely have time even to do two people a day.  Maybe I'll keep writing while we're on the planet, and let the next person take over when we leave.

So, let's see, how about Heinrich, since I mentioned him individually yesterday.  He's also rather like Pierre's opposite, so it makes for nice symmetry in today's log entry.

Aha!  So maybe this thing is for us to express our latent artistic senses through writing.  Our training and our lives in general have been so scientific up til now.  It's a wonder minds like Pierre's are among us.  That just leaves why I was chosen to be the log keeper the whole way through originally.  I don't think I'm the one most likely to become a writer.  Just look at the apparently bad job I'm doing now.

Case in point: I get sidetracked easily.  Back to Heinrich.  I think most of us wouldn't argue if I said he's probably the smartest among us.  In the technical sense, at least.  He's all about computers and programming and the like.  I wouldn't say he plods along, but his whole nature does seem to have a certain rigid logic to it.  Everything is rationally thought out.  Pierre goes in curves and loops sometimes, which is how he gets around the blocks that stop some of the rest of us, but Heinrich attacks things straight on with his considerable mental prowess.

He stands out a lot, too, sort of like that well-known authority that everyone asks for advice.  He's not quite a leader, but we always ask for his input.  He likes it black and white: what works and what doesn't.  I think the term among regular society would be "geek", but we can hardly use that around here.  We're all supposed to be highly intelligent, with only slight specializations when necessary.  So in a lot of ways we all know what he does.  It's just the fundamental ways in which our minds work that we're different.

Okay, now I'm definitely out of time.  I think I did okay in covering those two people.  I'll try to get less sidetracked tomorrow.  I mean, I can't keep complaining about the log and what it's for forever, or they'll take it away from me before we get to Mercury.