Rapunzel's Prince

Was the tower locked to you
Who came to seek the haunting song
And daily to the bottom flew
To sit beneath the evening long

No way in but to fly
No way out but to fall
Have you never stopped to wonder why
The beauty hid beyond the wall

Did silken threads avail you not
Nor promises by moonlight made
Did a hasty word undo the plot
Set golden dreams to quickly fade

Did you climb up with the years
And fall like the tears
And wander blind

What did you find?

Did mourning clear your eyes
And dispel eternal night
Has the suffering made you wise
And see the truth, and end your fight

- March 26, 2001




This was originally a submission in my journal for the Fairytale Collab, long since defunct.  I think this is one of the first times I began experimenting with poetry that wasn't perfectly polished, with a bit of abstract mixed in with the meter and rhyme.