Look to the glory of the past,
The wisdom given to only the old,
The power and strength in those who held fast,
And those whose knowledge is richer than gold.

Seldom any do we see today,
Whose hearts and minds are strong and clear,
Where they've gone, none can say,
Who never turned from foe or fear.

From lineage and blood, such insight comes not,
It comes only to those who've seen bad and worse,
To the brave and true who stood and fought,
Whose names are not spoken in song or verse.

Those who are ignorant must someday fall,
The hidden virtues in the wise shine through,
The valiant stand forth and save us all,
And the prophecies of old be proven true:

When dark is earth and heart and sky,
The great that were hidden will again stand tall,
And terror and darkness both defy,
To preserve the world lest doom befall.

- October 20, 1997




This is the first poem ever that I was completely content with, and I am still very pleased with it.  It has that aura of fantasy poetry that I love so much, although it's rather a blend of observations on society and prophetic fantasy poems such as you see in Tolkien.  I really wrote this one as it came to me, and the last stanza is a bit too cliché for my liking, but I still consider it among the best of my poems.