The Land of No Regret

There is a land across the sea
Amidst the realms of hope and fear
Where sadness quelled and happiness free
Reigns all the time throughout the year.

Fading loves rekindle there,
Shattered friendships again complete,
There broken hearts are mended fair,
And bitter sorrows again are sweet.

Time turns back its sure advance,
Grievous errors are undone,
Open doors to departed chance
Lead way for journeys unbegun.

There fate steps back and sets you loose
To take the paths that you would go,
To accept the outcomes you produce,
And never helpless anguish know.

Yet imagination left unbound
Reaches not the full extent
Of human emotion deep and profound
In gloomy lows and glad ascent.

"'Tis better to have loved and lost,"
     So many tend to say,
Accepting the pain that comes, the cost
     Of future joys that may.

- September 11, 2000




I had some trouble with the second-to-last stanza of this poem, trying to decide whether I wanted to present the link between the previous idea and the following one (which were written first) as if I agreed with it or if it was a possibility. That is why the final stanza says "so many tend to say", instead of explicit agreement, because sometimes I think I don't agree that the pain in life is worth the joy that may or may not result. This time I will admit that there were some upheavals in my personal life that sparked this piece, or rather the discussions that came out of it. It also incorporates some basic philosophies of mine, like taking responsibility for consequences of one's own actions.