My Choice

What is hope and what is despair
But two great opposites of words
Hope a thing that shall sorrow bear
Despair a thing that grounds the birds

In hope you see a growing light
Despair, behold the darkest pit
Hope shall urge you to stand and fight
Despair command to stay and sit

Hopeful wishes mightn't come true
While black despair could raise me high
In battle many shall be slew
In darkness death may pass me by

So you choose hope and I despair
Who will fare better, we shall see
Hope, may you know the joy and care
Despair, I bother just to be

- December 10, 1997




This was only a semi-silly attempt at portraying my position that pessimism is better than optimism, because it leaves you open to far less disappointment.  Of course, in the course of the poem I made the two sides more extreme, into hope and despair.  Just think of it as a fun little poem, no need to read deep meanings into anything I write.