Life Through Water

A flash in the corner, blinding
The honest seeker; concealed
In the darker shadows, finding,
Only lies are revealed.

Oh, that answer to every question posed
Is colored through a rippled glass,
And never truth in full disclosed
Where distortion will also pass.


From babe in womb to age and death
A single breath is drawn
Of truth and light unfiltered.

Then plunged into the stream of life,
From darkness unchanging
To light in rippled distortions.

No truth completely hidden
None fully revealed
But in half-shadows and half-light
Effectively concealed.

What penetrating beams reach through
But to be twisted by a subtle current
Or sharply bent into blinding reflections.

Move on, move down, through ever-murkier waters,
From the purity of youth
Into dimness and obscurity.

Like the swollen river
We are choked with the mud and dirt
Deprived of the sunlight
Fading into the dark.

The river will reach the ocean
Pouring its life into the open sea
But we who are carried with it
Can only sink and drown.

- October 23, 2000




As the first two stanzas demonstrate, I started out trying to write the entire thing in rhyme, but as I progressed it didn't seem the imagery I wanted to use would fit.  This was written for an English assignment for which we were to write an allegorical poem that showed an anti-Transcendentalist worldview.  Mine, if it's not clear, tells the "universal truth" that there is no truth.