Normally, my poetry is quite structured and flowing.

* Argument
* Enough   NEW!
* Generosity
* Horizon
    A tribute to Haruka and Michiru.
* I passed a rosebush   NEW!
* The Land of No Regret
* Life Through Water
* My Choice
* Prophecy
* Rapunzel's Prince   NEW!
* The Science of Perfection
    Science versus art on a college application.
* Three Kyrielles
    Apocalypse, Forsaken, and Achilles' Heel.
* Twin Elements
* The World Passed Me By [A Fragment]

Sometimes I'm just struck by something different.

* Dreams
Written while musing on a letter I would never write.

* Tanka
Some Japanese poems. That's different, right?

* Come Follow
Much darker than my usual.

* falling down the river
Words fail to describe it. o.O;;

* Glass Shards
I don't like it. You won't like it. This is what happens when I force it.


Missing frames?