I want my freedom
To drift the sapphire sky
But beneath me beckons the rolling sea
Its fierce undercurrent dragging me
Down from the blowing heights
Into a smothering darkness
But there is a warmth that guides me
And a sparkling promise

I want my freedom
To sail the emerald sea
But above me lures the crystal sky
It's blinding light jerking me
Up out of the sheltering depths
Into a burning brightness
But there is a warmth that protects me
And a glowing promise

I want to race with the wind
To prove my graceful speed
And match the feather breath
But a surge of waves carries me away
Yet the current draws me
To the fated promise

I want to serenade the waves
To release my elegant melody
And match the soothing chorus
But a howl of the wind drowns my song
Yet the voice carries a reassurance
Of the fated promise

I watch the sapphire sky
The pastel wash that guards the jewel-bedecked heavens
A watercolor canvas of blue and white
The drifting clouds dipping to visit the sea
Then a tempest shatters my dreams
With an urgent cry
To accept my fate

I watch the emerald sea
The rich hue that locks away the treasure-filled depths
A glowing patchwork of aqua and green
The wandering waves that yearn towards the sky
Then a tsunami shatters my dreams
With an urgent cry
To accept my fate

My dreams are swept away
By a wash of freezing waves
But my tear-stained face is dried
By a gentle hint of cooling breeze

My dreams are blown away
By a burst of piercing wind
But my tear-stained face is cleansed
By a gentle hint of salty spray

My path is laid before me
A quest of deceit and death
But the way is pure
Swept by the wind
Washed by the waves
Watched by the sky
Guarded by the sea

A friend is here beside me
From a forgotten time
A subtle leader
A rush of waves
A magnificent warrior
A gust of wind

The sky and sea are endless
Stretching infinitely apart
But necessity forces them closer
And in the distance
Their destinies align

Where the sky meets the sea
The promise restored
We stand




This is very possibly the predecessor to the Twin Elements concept, inspired, obviously, by Haruka and Michiru (Uranus and Neptune) of Sailormoon.  I closely followed the paralleling through the entire poem, and my friend has told me before that it sounds like translated Japanese lyrics.  Just reading this makes me feel like it's not my own; the ending makes me shiver with tingly delight.  Obviously, I am still very much in love with the poem, although it's a bit stilted compared to my usual lyrical preferences.  But after reading many translated lyrics, I can agree that that is what this sounds like, except with [hopefully] a better vocabulary.