Glass Shards

i sit here before the shards of broken glass
a reflection of my dreams
a mirror into my soul

there is the Pen that flows so freely
spilling the ink like blood upon paper
releasing my spirit and voice

there is the tale of my Life
as reality has deemed it
stripped of all the dreams
with which i have sweetened it

there are the Books that keep me company
enriching my fantasies with
other worlds and
beautiful words

there is my Heart
that belongs to none
and belongs to all

there are my Brothers
with their love that reaches beyond
and through the void
still tenuously linking
to me

there are all my Hopes
a family, a friend, a future
a love that touches a soul that is no more

there are all my worries
an endless struggle against a power
greater than
what i do not know

there are my Desires
peace and balance and time
someone to listen to my hollow words

and there am i
untouched by this divergence in my Self
seeing not the meaning
seeking still to know
a self that is not there

- November 15, 1999




I don't really like this one anymore.  I wrote it originally as something that might work as navigation to my website, back when I was considering  But upon reevaluation of the concept, I realized how incredibly angsty the thing would make me sound, which is much the effect of this poem here.