The sun sheds warmth on all below,
And freely strews his golden glow,
To him no fee you'll ever owe,
And not his gift to bring you woe.

The moon has wealth to far surpass,
All treasures of this earthly mass,
He silver gives to any class,
Acceptance shall not deem you crass.

The winds extend a fond caress,
To any who desire profess,
And sweep away complete distress,
His assets never shall oppress.

A tree shall proffer his embrace,
His shade and trunk hold out a grace,
To yield won't your prestige efface,
So from your mind concern erase.

The clouds bestow their purging rain,
Though from it no advantage gain,
From us no stipend preordain,
And none a discontent retain.

Oh! such is Nature's grand decree,
That all be given without fee,
And none endure adversity,
For peace shall Gaea oversee.

So shall you now deny me bliss,
And set the system all amiss?
My wish is small, 'tis only this:
For me can you spare just one kiss?

- March 9, 1998




This is the most romantic poem you will ever get out of me, that I can tell you with surety.  It was inspired by the poem "Love's Philosophy" by Percy Bysshe Shelley, which is far superior to my pathetic little thing.

Contrary to former popular belief, I did not write this poem with any person in mind.  It is merely an intellectual experiment with words, as much of my rhyming poetry is.  Mm, that sounds kind of heartless...  I just mean that whatever emotions I display in my writings, especially rhyming poetry, are pre-filtered through my intellect, and therefore much less "sincere".