Come Follow

I step into the darkness
backlit in lurid flames

will you follow?

There is light here, truth here
oh beauteous warmth
touch the skies of emptiness
were you so haughty
in refusing?

But to lay broken in the sunshine
fragments dispersed
your blood is dark
not scarlet
it drinks the light
as you writhe thus
upon the callous ground.

Then grovel behind me
face your dangling chance
do you see the light?

Know everything of nothing
in antiquated tomes
choking you with dust
smothering you with words
draining you of time
so precious, so fleeting.

I am rich here
a dawn renews me
a beacon, a path
will you not follow?

- November 17, 2000




Oh boy, if this doesn't tear down my assertion that none of my poetry is ever dark, unless required by assignment.  This was inspired by browsing old designs at Sakura no Yume.  I think there is actually one with Kamui that says "Will you follow?" although after that the tone sounds a lot more like Seishirou.

As usual, I'm as ignorant as you are of what this poem means.  I have half a mind to show this poem to my junior year English teacher, claiming I don't know the writer, and ask him to analyze it.