falling down the river

i'm falling down the river stumbling along the bank a foot in the water now and then no purpose no destination no direction no cause it is constant change it is unchanging direction it is ambiguously rippled it is transparently obvious i don't matter if i follow i don't matter if i lead i don't matter if i wade across and continue from the other side i can dig my own channel push the mud with my own hands pour the water with my own hands direct the current with my own hands and others will fall stumble splash it is unnatural but the water is of nature and i am of the water and the channel is of me and i am constant change and i am unchanging direction and i am ambiguously rippled and i am transparently obvious the river goes before me traces my steps behind follows and leads and so do i

- April 12, 2001




I have no idea, honestly.  It just came to me, right now, and I'm posting it after about five minutes of inspired writing and no editing.  I probably shouldn't have overdosed myself on Nine Inch Nails lyrics.