Why endure the pain
When all there is to gain
Are tears to spare,
And pleasure so rare
Is not enough?

Why not sever ties
With soft goodbyes;
One deep pang to feel
That has eternity to heal
Though that be not enough.

Because to stay awhile
And see your gentle smile
And feel you hold me tight
Will make it all seem right,
And that is enough.

- February 19, 2004




This is my "lazy poetry" -- I write it in a brief moment of inspiration and never touch it again, leaving it rough.  The poem was crafted around the line "that has eternity to heal, though that be not enough".  (Oftentimes, my poems are inspired by a line or couplet, and I just frame it.)

I kind of think the sentiment in this poem is transparently obvious, but in case you want it spelled out anyway -- I tend to like a black and white explanation for poetry, after the fun of pondering it -- this is about relationships where it seems like all you do is keep hurting each other, even if you care about each other so much.