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Fushigi Yuugi

* Twixt Earth and Sky
Long, epic, mostly original story taking place after the second OVA. Lots of new mischief abounds.
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* The Pleasure Principle / 1
Another Quethiril story, pitting her against the wiles of Team Rocket, and its awkward operative, Saerin.
[Probably discontinued, unless I revisit the fandom someday.]

* All in the Family
An early story about Quethiril and her Fearow Gwaihir, who rather became my mascot. [Complete]

* A Legend's Rebirth / 1 2
My first attempt at an epic fanfic.
[Essentially discontinued. It's just too outdated by now.]

Tales of Destiny

* Thicker than Blood
Half AU, half novelization of the second half of the game.  Lots of Leon angst.
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