~Fushigi Yuugi~
Twixt Earth and Sky
by Elwen Skye

Everything seemed settled after the defeat of Tenkou, but something has gone awry between the two worlds, leading to the start of another, but incomplete, legend.  Now, old and new Seishi alike must work together to fix the mess . . . before the two worlds collide?!

Warnings: Obviously, spoilers for the entire series.  Originally based on the anime storyline, with inspiration drawn from the first OVA, but now it's all kind of mixed together.  Some adult themes appear here and there as per the chapter warnings.  Lots of original characters and plot, although your familiar old Seishi are always making their appearances.

Confession 1: No, I do not know where this is going.  I have it planned some ways ahead, including most of the Seishi, but after that, we'll just have to see where it takes us, together.

Confession 2: This is not as meticulously researched as I would like.  There probably are many strange continuity and explanation errors.  My goal at the moment is to get the story written.  After that we'll see if I go back and fix the mistakes.

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Chapter 1:
Stirrings of Truth
The Bonds of Destiny

Chapter 2:
Adversity's Onslaught
The Legend Reawakens

Chapter 3:
New Meets Old
A Showdown of Smarts