* March 23, 2005
Could this be . . . an update?!  As long ago promise, I have a Tales of Destiny fanfic for you, which will probably now languish alongside the Fushigi Yuugi fic, never to surpass the 3 chapter barrier.  There's also the third part of Planets, my weird little journal format story.  I should probably mention somewhere that it's free-written and completely unedited.

* August 29, 2004
The site is back up again!  For your patience, I present you with a few more poems that were written far too long ago, that I let sit in my perfectionism.  Longer works are in progress, and I am optimistic.  (But how many times have you heard me say that?)  Telarin is rather back-burner at the moment, but a whole new fantasyworld awaits!  Similarly, I will get the third chapter of the Fushigi Yuugi fic written, but right now Tales of Destiny is screaming for my attention.  There, I've given away what I'm working on.  Will that curse it?  Let's hope not...

All of the works on this site are copyright exclusively to me, with the exception of the fanfics. (For that, see the specific disclaimer and mind that I still claim the rights to my original characters and plots.) Please don't take anything from this site for use elsewhere. If you would like to repost something, please ask me first. Thank you.

The Site
The first personal site I ever created was a writing archive. Since then, I've always been modifying and moving it along through various servers and across many names, finally to rest here, as Verbal Whirlwind. A lot of old stories and poems have been taken down, and a lot of new ones have been written. The site's overall future, however, is quite certain. I love writing, and I love to share it, no matter how imperfect I may think it.

Apparently I am very attached to this latest incarnation of the site, as I haven't changed the layout in years. The base image was just something that happened while I was fiddling around with Photoshop filters. Kinda pretty, I think. ^_^ The quote I used is a bit pretentious, but it looked really bare without it, so what can I say? ^^;;

The Author
Yeah, me. I'm Elwen Skye. I've had to write short bios many a time, and I've never known what to include nor where to start. Who am I? Hard question. (Don't let me start a mini-essay here, okay?) I like anime and manga, reading and writing, web design, chemistry, tarot cards, and a couple other things I'm forgetting. I like old fashioned poetry along the lines of Tennyson and Wordsworth. I like science fantasy™ and spy fiction. I hate a lot of things, too, like people who are homophobic or unreasonable, and country music.

Then I can try listing the statistics. Like one of those anime intros, you know? "Atashi, Elwen desu. Hatachi desu." and so on. (Translation: I'm Elwen. I'm 20.) I'm Chinese-American. I live in Pasadena, CA, and attend the California Institute of Technology. (It's like MIT, but it's in California, and it's smaller, and it's better. :P) I'm female. (People always seem to forget to mention their gender online, though it isn't that hard to figure out through context, most of the time.)

I dunno. One of these days I'll get around to writing one good, comprehensive bio and ever afterwards I can just point to it and say, "Go read this." Until then, it'll all be in pieces here and there, and I can only say, email me or check my other sites if you want to know more.