J-Pop Lyrics

Title Artist Description Includes
Addicted Domoto Koichi Mirror - Track 10 romaji, translation,
Christmas Night Da Pump kanji, romaji, translation,
DEEP CALM MOVE kanji, romaji, translation,
Deep in your heart Domoto Koichi Mirror - Track 2
Jyu-Oh-Sei Opening Song
romaji, translation,
Gravitation angela Golden Age Opening Song romaji,
Kagen no Tsuki Domoto Koichi Mirror - Track 5 romaji, translation,
KIMI GA TAME Suara Yumeji - Track 12
Utawarerumono (anime) Episode 26 Ending Song
romaji, translation,
Kouya Ruten FictionJunction YUUKA Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto Opening Song romaji, translation,
Kyomu no Arashi angela Gravitation single c/w romaji, translation,
Rain of Pain Da Pump romaji, translation,
Take me to… Domoto Koichi Mirror - Track 6 romaji, translation,
Towa ni Suara Yumeji - Track 2
Utawarerumono (PC game) Ending Song
romaji, translation,
Tsuioku no Ame Domoto Koichi Mirror - Track 11 romaji, translation,

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Classification of a few songs as "J-pop" instead of "anime" is somewhat arbitrary -- in general, if I have lyrics for more than one song by that artist, and only one song from that anime, then the song is classified as "J-pop". But there are a few songs in the anime section by notable J-pop artists including "Mosaic Kakera" (SunSet Swish), "Shirushi" (can/goo), and "Inori no Uta" (savage genius).