I acquired the domain www.twin-elements.com in December 1999 as a Christmas present from my parents.  It was officially opened on February 2000 as home to my online journal, soon followed by the Winamp skins, writings, and a reviews site which is no longer in operation.

Over time, I've developed a very strong symbolism for Twin Elements focusing on opposites and contradictions, which I consider to make up an important part of who I am.  Each design has a deeper meaning than mere aesthetics, featuring various dualities.



Version 1.0
Theme: Wind & Water
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Version 2.0
Theme: Black & White
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Version 3.0
Theme: Sunrise Sunset
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Version 4.0
Subtitle: Spin Cycle
Theme: Opposites
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Version 5.0
Theme: Swords & Cups
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Version 6.0
Theme: Zero & Infinity
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Version 7.0
Subtitle: A Night-Piece
Theme: Moon & Stars
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Version 8.0
Theme: Land & Seas
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