My online journal was originally started in May 1999, before I got this domain. It moved around between various free hosts, finally settling at before I moved it to its home at

The concept of online journals fascinated me the moment I discovered them. I fondly tell the story about how I was innocently reading the e-zine and found a link to One Mad Brunette. While trying to comprehend the navigation on that site, I managed to click to Open Pages, where I read around and was instantly hooked. These days, blogs are ubiquitous, but I've always seen online journals as having more in-depth content, with longer posts and introspection. Unfortunately, that makes them more time-consuming to write, which probably explains why my journal ultimately died.

Even so, back when I started, I don't think I really expected to continue journaling for as long as I did. I can still remember when Blogger and LiveJournal did not exist, when so many journallers that I looked up to were still writing. I came a long way through multiple titles, URLs, and, of course, layouts.


May 1999: The Oversized Inkblot / Ontology
July 1999: Solipsis
November 1999: Sunrise Sunset
February 2000: River Reflections
August 2000: Hexadecimal Rainbow
November 2000: Deconstructing Destiny
July 2001: Key Zero

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