So you're ready to profess your love for Arc the Lad and spread the word?  Here are just a few rules before you start.

1. You must love Arc the Lad.  Duh.  You don't have to have played it all and watched it all, but you have to consider at least one of the games or the anime to be among your favorite titles.

2. You must have a website.  It doesn't have to be about Arc the Lad, but you do have to have a website.  I know you can be a fan without one, but I don't like the thought of listing email addresses on the members page just for spammers to come and harvest.  Perhaps in the future, I might change this rule.  In the meantime, any kind of site is okay, LiveJournals, even a Member Info page from is enough.

3. Put the code up somewhere easy to find, before joining.  If you don't love Arc the Lad enough to display the code, why are you here?  A cliques page is okay, but if it takes me too long to find it, you're out.

4. You must have read these rules.  To prove it, put your favorite character in the "Comments" section of the form.  This won't be listed, and you don't even have to be honest, as long as you've read the rules.

Simple enough, right?  Go ahead and fill out the form below to join.  If you have problems with the form, send the same information via email.