I started this fanlisting because there is a depressing lack of any Arc the Lad fan community on the web.  Eventually, when I open my own fansite, this clique will also include a webring for Arc-related sites, but in the meantime, I would also like to unite all the fans out there, and spread the word, so to speak.

The entire Arc the Lad anime has been released in the United States by A.D. Vision, and the three games for PlayStation have been released as a single collection by Working Designs.  Both are excellent, but have high initial barriers, which, I think, have prevented their popularity.

The Arc the Lad anime is twenty-six episodes and six DVDs long.  At a list price of $30 each, this can be a pretty big investment.  In addition, the first two volumes are only three episodes each, which comes across as a bad value and discourages people who might otherwise try out the series.  Furthermore, the first three episodes are rather slow-moving and focus on character development, which probably turns viewers off the series before the action ever starts.  All of these factors make it difficult for the anime series to attract new devotees.  I myself became interested only after playing the games.

The Arc the Lad Collection for PlayStation has its own deterrents.  At $70, it can seem rather pricey, even with its advertised "4 complete games".  If you really think about it, though, even if three games is a more accurate count, the set is still a great value.  A thorough RPG player would find hundreds of hours of entertainment out of the series, which has complexity and depth to rival Final Fantasy.

Ultimately, the biggest problem that has kept Arc the Lad from becoming popular, in my opinion, is its lack of advertising.  People simply don't know that it exists.  That's where this site comes in.  I call it a crusade because it is: a project undertaken to resolve the lack of awareness about the wonderful title that is Arc the Lad.

I'm not asking you to go out immediately and force everyone you know to buy the game or the anime.  But if you love the series, why not speak its praises every once in a while?  And wear your fandom with pride!