Terms of Use

Please do not modify these icons in any way.

The icons on this site are free for you to use as buddy icons in AIM, as message board avatars, or for whatever clever purposes might come up with.

However, you may not direct-link the icons. This is common courtesy; it shouldn't even need to be said. We've worked this hard to make so many icons for you, it's extremely rude and ungrateful of you if you decide to steal our bandwith as well.

If you use an icon as a forum avatar or something, you must upload the image to your own server. If you choose to ignore this rule, you will get this pretty image instead. Thanks for the free advertising.

In addition, you may not use these icons in any other collection or gallery of buddy icons without our express permission.

If you do use them on a website, such as for navigation links or buttons, please give us credit by including a link to